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What happened ? Please come back !!

AbFabCouple_Admin We have no news at the moment, we are hoping to secure a new venue and get back up and running. X

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Really missing abfab.. it needs to come back..

We all are and we appreciate all the work being done to find and secure a new venue

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Is there any word on when a next social etc might happen?

AbFabParties As soon as we have any news we will post on our websites and on here.

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we went to 5he social last night was relaxed and friendly well done for a great party
If you attended last night social can you leave a review on the event, Kestrel Hydro or AbFabParties review tab.

As soon as I’ve sorted out the guest like I’ll authorise the Membership upgrades. If I miss you please let me know.

Thank you all for coming and keeping us all going.


Could you please upgrade me to Premium for attending . Thanks Trev

AbFabCouple_Admin You’ve been upgraded to full membership.

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Hi I'm trying to book for tonight but nothing is working, links unavailable what do I need to do x
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