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Hi guys
Do you have a provisional opening date ?

HDZParty Not yet. As soon as we do we Wyler you all know. X

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Hi Graham and the team,

I am trying to decide the level of donation to make and need to get a bit more info on your reward offers.

On the Go Fund Me page, you were indicating rewards at donations over £100.00 whereas on the Crowdfunding page you have set the bar much higher for rewards at £500.00.

We tried to donate £250.00 on the previous appeal but £500.00 is a bit too much for us at the moment.

We are already life-time members of the AbFab Encounters. Please would you indicate, if you can at this early stage, what your proposed membership fees will be for couples. I assume that our previous membership cards for both Kestrel and AbFabs will no longer apply to the new venue. Please would you confirm this for me and also what your new daily entry fee will be for couples.

David & Jacqui

AbFabParties Hi. We have sent you a message xx

Kestrel & AbFabParties renovation to new venue

Renovate the new venue to the luxurious standard you have all come to expect.

Our website has been updated. I’ll release more details later.
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We would like to donate,how do we do it!!

AbFabCouple_Admin The funding page was removed by GoFundMe. We are in the process of trying to get it reinstated. X


Can you give more details of the proposed new venue yet? We had our £250.00 donation refunded from the GoFundMe site.

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Please advise what is happening as I have just had my donation refunded.
Click here to support Help For Kestrel & AbFabs organised by Tasha Dykes

Tasha Dykes needs your help today! Help For Kestrel & AbFabs - We are looking for donations to help us secure the amazing deal on a new venue we have found. We are all desperate to have our haven back. We have been plagued with bad luck and would love to get this project up and running. We are so close to closing the deal and with your help we can get in, r...


This is great news,thanks for the update.

Shorty Come on guys lets help raise the money. Missed abfab can't wait for it to open again old faces an new faces cx

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