Valentines SpicyMatch Party
? Praha, Czech Republic

We invite everyone in love for a unique evening full of pleasant experiences, wellness and fun. Relax in the jacuzzi and enjoy the excitement in one of our six rooms. Our bartenders will be preparing mixed drinks and the atmosphere will stir up sexy dancers and themed performances. Dress code is...

Úterní Gang Bang - Show
? Praha, Czech Republic

One of the most liked parties at our club! Get ready for the MEGA Gang Bang for couples and single men on Tuesday. The girls come to us alone or accompanied by their partner. That is why the party is not about only one or two girls fucking but there are even ten or more of them! As always we prepare...

Club Fantasy launched the Event CHANGE PARTY.
? Třinecká 762, Czech Republic

In an enormous success we run another party from those who love swapping. :-) There will be a special meet each other programme so you can get to know other couples. All the rest will be up to you and ones again it will be down to mutual sympathies. The erotic show will start at 23:00. * welcome...

Club Fantasy launched the Event GENTLEMAN PARTY.
? Třinecká, Czech Republic

Party with unique atmosphere for couples enjoying a few extra single men. Singles are carefully selected and maximum number is limited to 10. The usual erotic performance will start at around 23:00. Single men can register only with a valid Fantasy Club Card. Should they wish to apply for the card...

Club Fantasy launched the Event LUXURY BLACK & WHITE.
? Třinecká, Czech Republic

One of the most visited parties comes this time in BLACK & WHITE. Elegance, fun, excitement ... just an unforgettable evening that you can give a miss. dress code is a MUST !!! men wear trousers and shirts, women erotic lingerie There will be sexy dancers and an erotic program as always. As...

Club Fantasy launched the Event SEXY SWINGERS PARTY.
? Třinecká 762, Czech Republic

Sexy dress is not a must for this party but the most interesting outfit will be awarded by the club. * welcome drink * jacuzzi at the bar * cold buffet + finger food If this is your fisrt time visit to the club you will be charged one time extra fee of CZK 300 for the Club Membership Card

Erotic Lingerie Party
? Třinecká, Czech Republic

This will be a unique atmosphere party as all couples will undress immediately after arriving at the club and put on erotic lingerie. You may take on your new erotic underwear, sexy petticoat, corset but also a costume. There are no boundaries when choosing the right dress for this party and the...

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