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Will our old membership cards still be valid or will we need to renew?
Kestrel & AbFabParties renovation to new venue

Renovate the new venue to the luxurious standard you have all come to expect.

Kestrel Hydro
Our website has been updated. I’ll release more details later.
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Just had my donation refunded so not too sure what is happening!

Kestrel Hydro GoFundMe closed our funding page. We are in the process of setting up a new page. x

Shorty Kestrel Hydro
I'm so looking forward to the new place.. new faces old faces missed abfab so much.. so come on people lets raise the money an get our new venue opened xx

Me too let's make this happen.


I want to help, how do I

Shorty Just click on the link an it will go to the page xx

Click here to support Help For Kestrel & AbFabs organised by Tasha Dykes

Tasha Dykes needs your help today! Help For Kestrel & AbFabs - We are looking for donations to help us secure the amazing deal on a new venue we have found. We are all desperate to have our haven back. We have been plagued with bad luck and would love to get this project up and running. We are so close to closing the deal and with your help we can get in, r...


Will it be a day and eve venue again? Or just eves?

Kestrel Hydro Same as before but bigger and better.

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rumors are you may have found a new place
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Shorty I will be looking forward to it as missrd tge abfab place an no decent clubs to go to since it closed


Cant wait its been a long time waiting


We hope this news is true, nowhere else is as good. The sooner the better for us

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